LangHouse's  formula to success called MindHub. A Hub which connects techniques, tools, tips and student’s minds in an attempt to build themselves the skills they need to really learn and understand.

Learn How to Learn.

MindHub the formula to success

Better Skills - Better Students

The education system relies heavily on memorization and focus on teaching young students so much about school subjects. MindHub, adopts a decidedly different approach. It focus on HOW the child is learning. MindHub is more than school subjects, it is about Learning How to Learn. Students uncover and learn other important school lessons such as Study Strategies, Time Management, Organisation, Motivation, Accomplishment, Hard Work. They also learn lessons like struggle, disappointment, and failure. Finally they realise that learning can be exciting and rewarding.

Better Skills - Confident Students

MindHub programme puts an end to often meaningless tutoring hours and instead, students of all ages and learning strengths discover the skills they need to deal with today’s school demands. Then they build a solid foundation in thinking and learning so that they become confident, organised, motivated students with strong learning skills, capable of handling all the challenges of school and more by connecting their abilities and interests with a range of tools and students. In this way the child develops thinking and learning skills that will be used for everyday school struggles.

Better Skills - Organised Students

At MindHub students with the help of a personal study skills coach get the support and encouragement needed to build a customized learning program that meets their needs and interests exactly. As a result your child will build stronger learning skills and achieve school success. LangHouse Dedication to Education